Can you please tell me any info at all about this sword?

by ben

1st sword

1st sword

I came across this sword at a sale. It looked intriguing so I bought it for a couple of bucks. By the picture is there any info you could provide or where to get it. Thank you.

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Some kind of smallsword..
by: Paul

It looks like a fairly typical example of a 'smallsword' from the 17th or 18th century and is quite possibly an actual antique or a pretty good fake (the patina/rust looks like it is true).

Antique swords are not my area of expertise, but for one in much better condition such as this one the price can be close to $2000, so in this rather 'rustic' condition, hard to say really - but certainly worth more than a couple of bucks, so you may have got quite a nice deal..

The only way to be sure it to take it to an antique dealer or pawn shop, though you can also get it valued online.

It is not a free service, but you may wish to consider this site to get a closer idea of its value.

But based on my limited understanding of antique swords, it could well be a real one - identifying it will boil down to distinctive styles of hilt mounting, makers marks, etc which is beyond my area of expertise.

Hope this helps!

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