Can you tell me anything about this Katana

by Rick

Hello there,

Since you folks are the experts I'm hoping you can assist me in identifying this beautiful Katana. It is 1060 carbon steel, made in Japan. distinctive cherry blossom pattern. Have you ever seen one like this before or happen to know who crafted it?

I am no expert nor am I a sword enthusiast!

Please help!


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Some info..
by: Paul

Hi Rick,

I am not familiar with this particular model, but I can give you some general info..

The sword is made in China, not Japan - Japan don't (and cannot legally) make 1060 carbon steel Katana.

Katana made in Japan (called Shinken) are super expensive and can only be legally made by licensed master sword smiths who charge a minimum of $4K per sword (average is more like $8K) and they always have a hamon (tempering line) which this sword does not..

The sword bag and sword stand are pretty generic for Chinese made Katana. 1060 is a good steel for a solid performing cutter - price will vary but is typically between $189-300 depending on the thickness, who makes it, and the type of fittings used.

I tend to think it comes from ebay because it is not from any of the major brands I know such as Musashi, TenRyu, Cheness, Ronin Katana, Ryujin, Masahiro, etc and as there are literally thousands of different possible variations, finding the exact maker may prove to be nigh on impossible.

But at least this gives you some idea.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

by: Rick

Awesome!! Some guy was trying to sell it as an authentic Japanese sword. Good thing I didn't buy it.


Glad to have helped!
by: Paul

Good to hear you didn't bite - hate scammers like that..

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