Can't find any "John Lee sword maker" homepage

by Troels Nielsen

I am thinking at buying a John Lee katana. But the fact that I can't find a homepage for this "company" makes me unsure.

I think its unheard of.

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No homepage I know of..
by: Paul

Hi Troels,

I will admit I am not personally familiar with John Lee's swords and there is no homepage that I am aware of. His swords seem to be popular in Europe and the UK, and are primarily sold at Barringtons - but from what user reviews I have read on our own SBG sword forum (like this post) suggest they aren't all that great..

The man himself is a great martial artist, and good designer, but apparently the swords bearing his name leave something to be desired..

If anyone else has any direct experiences with this company, please feel free to add it here.

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