CAS Iberia - Valiant Armoury

by Anthony
(Alberta, Canada)

Valiant Armoury Hand-And-A-Half (Bastard) Sword

Valiant Armoury Hand-And-A-Half (Bastard) Sword

QUESTION: Hey, I was wondering which of the two of these swords were the better deal, the Valiant Armoury Bastard Sword, or the CAS Iberia Bastard sword.

They both look almost exactly the same, only the CAS Iberia version is 3 lbs lighter! and it Costs $30 less? why is that, is there a difference in the way they are made? why is one lighter and way cheaper?

One other thing, are the CAS Iberia Lionheart sword and Bastard sword, are they both tempered? because, why are they so much cheaper than the Valiant Armoury versions, because i know for a fact that Valiant Armoury does temper their swords.

Could you tell me which one is a better deal (CAS Iberia, or Valiant)


ANSWER: It's hard to say which one is the better deal, as much depends on personal preference.

At this price point, but swords are pretty good value for the money. Unfortunately, the Cas Iberia version has just been discontinued, so if you want one - you had best snap it up...

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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Iberian line
by: Matttrach

I work in a sword shop that visits various renaissance festivals and we carry both pieces. The Valiant Bastard is my favorite by far, although it is discontinued.

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