by Phil
(Niagara falls, N.Y.)

I am a first time sword buyer and found the sword I want on The particular sword is the black t10 katana, I love the look and characteristics of the sword and the website looks legitimate however I have not been able to find any reviews on the website or products they sell. Can anyone vouch for them as being good swordsman? Thanks.

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Buyer Beware..
by: Paul

Basically, what you are seeing is a China based eBay sellers webpage - and it comes with all the typical dangers and pitfalls of buying from a China based seller..

A cursorary examination of just one of their products sent all kinds of alarm bells ringing.. For example, in one of their listings they claim to have a "forge welded" sword made from T10 and 1065 carbon steel that is a "maru way" (non laminated). This is saying they have a non laminated, laminated sword..

They also claim to add a free sword stand, for "$12 extra shipping". Adding a sword stand will NOT increase shipping costs.. And these two things are serious red flags..

Unfortunately though, it gets worse - the ito wrap is very poorly done, and almost every blade is folded and below US$300 - which we have warned against time and time again..

The "reviews" all seem to have been done around the same time and all have the same lack of capitization and are not written in normal English, so make of that what you will..

But all this aside, the fact that you basically have no recourse should the sword not be good quality is perhaps the biggest reason to avoid this seller..

It is basically impossible to return a sword to China - and even if you could - it would cost a small fortune to do so..

As such, for these reasons and many more, it is best to either avoid these kind of sellers or accept that you will almost certainly end up with a glorified wall hanger..

Be careful out there guys..

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