Cheness 1060 steel Mokko Katana with Bo-Hi

by Steven Duncan

I purchased this sword last year from the sword buyers guide store. I received my sword three days after I placed my order. I got a email from Paul confirming my order the day after I placed my order, and letting me know it had already shipped. About a week After receiving the sword I got another email from Paul, with him making sure I received my order and that everything was satisfactory. I had no problems with the transaction at all. And received excellent communication from start to finish. Never for a moment did I have any doubt, that if i did have a problem, that it wouldn't be taken care of.
Now, the sword. Wow. I actually thought i had received the wrong sword. Cheness does a acid etching to make thier false Hamon. I was looking for wire brush strokes, and or a obvious pattern. Neither where there. So it took a bit of research to learn how to identify a false acid etched hamon. The sword feels good in my hand, is well made, and has a exceptionally sharp blade.
A great purchase which I have received serveral compliments on, including from my Tae Kwon Do instructors.

I highly recommend doing business with sword buyers guide.

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