Cheness Kaze Sword

by Crit Killen
(Orem, Utah USA)

Both my son and I have the Kaze sword. They have been the best swords all around that we've ever owned. We have 27 swords of all makes and hands down the Kaze is the most robust and tried and trued cutter and training sword we have. I sharpen swords for the local dojos in my area here in Utah and the edge on the Kaze is very strong and can get and hold an edge very well. We love the hamon and the 9260 steel is just brutally strong.

I know that the fittings and ito etc. is said to not be all that great but it has been pretty good for us. With earlier Cheness swords we would wet the ito to get ti to shrink some but the last two Kaze sword we purchased had tight wraps. We purchased them in 2013.

I lived in Japan for years and became well acquainted with good swords and steel. Cheness blades are not meant to win beauty contests but the Kaze is worth having.

Anyway we are not connected to Cheness in any way and this is not an attempt to get them more business I'm just saying that as a sword sharpener, practioner of sword arts, a Shodan in Toyama Ryu and lvoer of all types of blades the Kaze and other 9260 Cheness blades are solid swords. If nothing else, get one to use as your cutter, bone chopper, home defense zombie killer etc. They would be worth it for three times the money

Crit Killen


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