Cheness O Katana vs Cold Steel O Katana

by Dawei
(Fremont, CA)

QUESTION: Cold Steel's is bigger, more beefy.

Cheness' is better looking, handles better/lighter.

But how are the edge retention abilities of these 2 swords? That is an attribute I rarely read about when it comes to these 2 swords, and of the 2 which one has better fittings?

ANSWER: Good questions indeed!

As far as edge retention goes, both are of a similar HRC (mid 50s) and I have not heard of complaints with the retention of either of these two swords, so they are pretty similar - or at least no huge noticable differences.

Cheness fittings are better though. There used to be a lot of complaints about their fittings on SFI in the early days, but in response to this they have revised the fittings at least 3-4 times, and the current models have hardwood, thick handles and a tight ito wrap, where Cold Steel fittings haven't put so much attention to refining their fittings, and there are quite a few reports of the ito and kashira coming loose after a pretty short period of usage...

- Paul

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which one should i buy
by: jake

im looking for the sharpest strongest(durable) and most balanced of the two im also 5'8" tall but i have time to grow what should i go for?

one more thing
by: Anonymous

Also do either of the swords get loose after they take a beating?

if you want a beater...
by: Anonymous

today i did everything you shouldn't with my cheness okatana, and it liked it. my sword doesn't want to be pretty. it likes to eat office chairs, couches and other old furniture, basketballs, plastic fencing etc. i am certain that after all that (today!) that i could recreate the cold steel vid without touching it up at all. no complaints, just motivation to see what else i can get thru.
edge retention commendable.
if you have "time to grow" from 5'8", i question whether you should be playing with either of these. I've had weapons all my life, and was stricken by the awesomeness of this blade. it is not a (young person's) toy.

Cheness O katana
by: Anonymous

I own the Cheness and i've put a beating on this sword, and it still keeps cutting. You know a sword is tough when you try to cut a brick and only get a little edge damage.
The 33" blade is a monster, and the fittings are incredibly tight

One of the best swords made
by: Omar

I have a Cheness O-katana and I have done alot of cutting with it. And this is blade and handle are very strong.I could use the sowrd as many times as I want and it has no damage on the blade or the handle. I would have to hand it to Cheness 9260 is the best

dont go with cold steel o katana
by: Anonymous

the cold steel o katana is weighs more the twice that of the cheness o katana. watch the video on you tube of the cold steel o katana test the man holding the cold steel sword has to swing it like a base ball bat. and the cold steel sword does not come with a very sharp edge its very blunt so it's edge "last longer" if it wasn't for its weight i doubt it could cut anything.

the cheness o katana is light weight razor sharp and from what iv seen can handle anything if not more than the cold steel sword

cold steel !!!!
by: nick

hello reader
as for a start teh cold steel tempering is 60-64 hrc not mid 50's as stated here, also i have a cold steel o katana its RAZOR SHARP... its handles worse then the cheness but in terms of pure cutting Cold steel wins

by: Ansuz

STEEL MAN! i found a web site that had the cold steel O Katana for 350. cold steel does a video for all there products they are showing you the quality... i mean those cold steel guys are not warriors at all... but for weak sheep they cut lots of shuff only cause there products are strong. so buy 2 O Katana's and practice one per hand.. yes none of this girly 2 hand stuff one sword per hand, a true warrior handycaps himself for a greater challenge... you don't get strong by going the easy route, im certainly strong enough as long as you can pull off 2 finger pushups and have a griping strength twice your weight(monster grips 350's) so your goal is 2 be able to do what a normal person does with his whole body.. with just your wrist a strong wrist mean with a single stroke with your arms your wrist can add additional slashes meaning one real man + 2 swords + 2 strong wrists = no man can slay you.... i have high standards, so most weaklings would call me a fool.. but that is what makes a weakling a weakling the weak mind behind their weak skulls.

but i say this just to help... me cause i need a challenge a new peak to surpass

To answer any other ?s
by: Stefan

While Cold Steel does those insane promos ( ahh, cutting pigs in 2....) the Cheness is ultimately more refined and sharper, not to mention that the 9260 spring steel is a thing of magic, making the Cheness even stronger than the Cold Steel.

Cheness O Katana
by: Omar Schrier

Hey!! everyone I live in Clarksville Tennessee and I owen the Cheness O Katana. And I love the thing and I have but it to mthe test and trust me it is the best thing I have ever had. I also test the steel on wood conceat blocks and car hoods and nothing happend to it wow lol I really love this thing.

Cheness it is
by: Corax

I have been looking online for days, absorbing all the info I could. Doesn't look like one could go wrong with Cheness as a work horse. Cold Steel? Meh ... I have had some of their stuff ... it's ok, but mostly happy crappy stuff. Personally, if it can't be utilitarian, don't want it. The Cheness stuff looks good too ... going to buy one.

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