Chinese Sword Flexability

by James

QUESTION: Although the durability of the cold steel Gim seems to approach that of a Katana (which I understand to be the strongest/hardest/sharpest in sword technology), I am not sure of its functionality as a taichi sword.

How does its flexibility compare to that of authentic taichi swords? Have you heard of any ultra sharp and durable taichi swords recently (post gim review)?

Furthermore, is the handle too large for it to be a single handed taichi sword? I am looking for a high-end (definitely no heavier than the gim) Chinese sword for high level practice. Thanks for sharing your experience.

ANSWER: Hi James,

Personally, I wouldn't really recommend the Gim for Tai Chi. The handle is a little long as you note and while it is flexible, it really isn't 'right' for Tai Chi.

That said, I do have a page where I make a few recommendations for some good Tai Chi blades buried in the Chinese swords page here that may be of some assistance.

Let me know what you think.

Kind Regards,

- Paul

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