Cold steel MAA Grosse messer durability

by Darrin

Hello, this is a lot of great information here! Thank you for this interesting site. My question is about the durability and toughness of the newer MAA Grosse Messer from Cold Steel. I have searched the internet for any info on this particular sword and it has been lacking. How do you that have owned or handled this monster like it? It looks to be heavier built than their standard Grosse Messer and that is a good selling point for me, along with the lesser price. Thank you in advance for your replies.

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The MAA is pretty much the same as the original...
by: Paul

Hi Darrin,

Interesting Question - the first main difference is that the MAA version is not quite as sharp as the original so may need some touching up of the edge if you want it to be as sharp as the standard Gross Messer..

The other differences are rather obvious, such as the price (the MAA is considerably cheaper) and the blackened blade compared to the polished, razor sharp blade of the original.

The actual steel and construction method are identical - it is basically a knife like sandwich tang with two rivets and a pommel screwed and glued on the end making for an overall durable full tang construction (though it is not as well made as most Cold Steel Swords and tends to suffer from cosmetic defects much more than their other swords).

You can get some idea of its durability by visiting our review of the original Gross Messer on SBG.

Hope this helps.
- Paul

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