Cold Steel or Windlass?

by Kevin
(Kansas City)

QUESTION: I recently decided to buy a cold steel hand-and-a-half sword that I have always been wanting. But When I found your site and read the reviews, I was concerned. I'm not going to ask if they've fixed it, I asked them myself. My question to you is, should I substitute it for a another cold steel sword, of which I'm choosing between the jian and the grosse messer, or should I go for a Windlass Steelcrafts German Bastard sword? I would add the 15th cen. longsword, but as you warned, the longer blades have a whippyness to them. Should I just wait it out till they say something about it? I'm looking for a double-edged sword, but I like the messer. Also, do you know if there is any place to get a beater quality sword, with the visual appeal of the Kit Rae swords, while staying under budget?

Thanks for your time,

An aspiring enthusiast.

ANSWER: Hi Kevin,

Personally, I would wait to see what Cold Steel says...

Windlass make some extremely nice single handed swords. But almost ALL of their longer ones are simply to whippy to use properly.

The issues with the hand and a half were from a fairly long while ago. But I would be very interested to hear what they say about it. I've been too caught up in current projects to ask, so if you get an answer, be sure to let everyone know here. :-)


- Paul

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