Complete satisfaction, Always

by John A.
(Has, Hgts, N.J. USA)

A few years back, while reading some sword forum posts and clicking on a couple of links I found myself at SBG, a site with tons info, how to, where to, what to look for, so much info I couldn't read it all in one sitting, so I saved SBG in my favorites. that summer a group of us planned a trip to a local ren-fest, I checked with SBG, but they did not sell anything I needed. an e-mail from Paul S. told me where to. I could not believe SBG sent me to another store to make a purchase.
As my interest in swords grew I bought a few swords, not always from SBG, but always with an SBG recomendation and review.
I am now awaiting my SBG custom katana(a work of art if I do say so myself). this week I will order the Chenese Yamakami and the Valiant Armoury Kriegschwert from SBG, as always I expect professional service and complete satisfaction.

Thank You Paul,

John A.

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by: John A

I recieved my Yamakami, my first reaction
was :LOOK At THIS THING: massive, I knew exactly
what I was ordering ,but to see in my hands made
me realize how big it is, more than just a sword,
a hard core cutting tool... Yeah I'm looking for-
ward to the thaw here in the northeast U.S. I may
even have to shovel out a stand!!!

Again Top-notch service from SBG

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by: John A

So my Kriegschwert was delivered a while back, it is stunning, handles great, the grip feels thin but has had no effect on my cutting,
it also seems very whippy again no effect.
im thinking I just have to get used to it.

Since then I have also ordered and reiceved
a Ronin Katana Hagakure, very nice, a real

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