Custom Wakizashi

by Victor
(Brooklyn, NY, USA)

QUESTION: First of all, thank you for making custom order T-10 steel katanas available for an unheard-of $300!

My question is do you have any plans to do the same for wakizashi?

Thanks for your time!

ANSWER: Hi Victor,

I am working on the details of the Wakizashi, but it is looking like there won't be much of a price difference at this stage. I MAY be able to do them if they are ordered as a Daisho set however, should know more in the next few weeks!

Stay tuned...! ^_^

- Paul

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by: Kendo Yamasaki

I am also interested in the T10 steel Custom Wakizashi. I would think that price difference would be around $50. But I will wait to see. I look forward to seeing it.

by: Anonymous

I would lvoe to have the Daisho set i was actually thinkign of waiting untill you do so however it is getting kind of lengthy inw aiting.... What is ur estimate total of a Daisho Set? Also will there be teh same fittings adn tsubas on both Katana and Wakizashi?


Custom Wakizashi FANTASTIC
by: Wakizashi Lover

I strongly believe that a custom Wakizashi would be a fantastic idea in addition to SBG's custom Katana. However you should have the option of buying the Katana, Wakizashi, or as a Daisho Set. This is so because i jsut bougth my Katana and need to wait until my purchase of a custom Wakizashi. Also for other flexible situations for insatnce someone enjoys there Wakizashi and is seeking a Katana, etc.., etc..

Your Fellow Custom Wakizashi and Katana Friend

(P.S. mind posting the specs you surrently have on your cusom Wakizashi so everyone can see it thanks a million)

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