Cutting Tatami mats

by John

QUESTION: I have had no prior experience or lessons with cutting tatami mats. I read on some web sites that I should 100% not cut them with no experience..Is this true? but what about beach matts??

ANSWER: I think that the main reason other sites would say not to cut tatami without experience is for SAFETY reasons. The best (or safest) advice is to get lessons first before attempting to cut anything. And while this is good advice as advice goes, I know for a fact that people don't listen to it...

To this end I have put together a brief guide to 'backyard cutting' which was released to members of my inner circle newsletter The Sword Buyers Digest - if you haven't signed up yet, you might want to and have a look - it is available as a PDF download in the backissues.

Hope this helps. Stay safe and have fun.

Kind Regards,

- Paul

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Where are those Sword Buyers Digest back issues?
by: alant

That link takes you to the same place as the "Online Magazine" button where you can subscribe.

For those of us already signed up the link is in the e-zine, and you want issues 10 & 11 (Nov & Dec 2006).

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