Damascus Breaking Problem

by Vylinor

I ordered a Damascus Sword from one Craftsman. Today Cargo delivered my Damascus Sword.

But, Im' not sure Is this strong Sword? I don't know.

Craftsman told me,"If you hit something maybe it can break"..

I afraid, maybe it will break.

Other craftsmen told me, this is a matter of luck.


What I will do? Please give me information..

Because,you know, Damascus is very Expensive Steel.....

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by: Paul

Hi Vylinor,

Damascus steel is very popular, but much of the popularity stems from tradition at a time when the carbon content of steel was not evenly distributed, and folding it was a good way of helping to even it out, strengthening the blade..

Modern crucible steel is extremely pure and the carbon content is very well distributed, so now folding is not needed.. Indeed, it can often do more harm that good because - if not done properly, can turn what would have been a good steel sword into a decorative wall hanger..

In your case, it sounds like you have purchased from a skilled craftsman, so it will be no stronger, nor significantly weaker than any other steel sword. And steel being steel, yes - it is possible a length of steel no matter what type of steel it is made from and how it is tempered, can break if it strikes a hard target at an odd angle (as the second craftsman said, 'a matter of luck'.

So in short, if you don't abuse the blade it should hold up to a lifetime of use and enjoyment.

More information on Damascus steel can be found on our site here

Hope this helps.

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