Direction Needed in my Hand and Half Quandry

by Frank Colista
(Biglerville, PA, US)

QUESTION: Paul....will try not to talk a hole in your head.....I have been takeing longsword lessons for three months now (my intro/prep courtesy of study my teacher insisted I follow thru on--Joannes Liechtenauer, George Silver). The thought of turning 50 yrs in Nov motivated me (some guys may want a sports car, trophy babe, etc., I wanted a timeless skill). It took me quite a while to find the teacher, but after an exhaustive search actually found someone 30 minute drive from home(!)...After this much time has gone by, now am looking at the sword I purchased three years ago and see it lacking my needs due to my continuing progress in longsword...( now to my inquiry)..I purchased an Elven Fantasy Sword from DarkSword Armory three years ago. At that time I knew to avoid cheap wall hangers, wanted a functional sword, read about steel needs (carbon please), etc. I love the look of this DSA sword-elegant yet simple. While the grip could be better (there ARE differing qualities of wood, they could have put more effort into grip quality), the blade, pommel and guard are outstanding. HOWEVER, this is a HEAVY sword, something that appears universal after reading reviews on your site about DarkSword Armory and from reviews of owners of their swords. I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GATHER INFO FROM YOUR SITE IN PREPARATION TO FIND MYSELF A HAND AND A HALF SWORD, IN THE THREE POUND RANGE, AND AM FLUSTERED.

Durability and function, structurally sound with the weight need are priority 1. Windlass blades on h&h longswords have been described as too whippy--definitely not for me. I can't afford a mortgage payment for high priced blade elsewear. I USUALLY DETEST EMAIL, LOVE THE OLD FASHIONED APPROACH OF THE PHONE. IF TELEPHONE CONTACT IS POSSIBLE, EMAIL ME. If you would rather email so be it.

PLEASE, Could really use the help...My teacher gives foil and rapier lessons (though he detests the rapier, as does Silver, that's what his students apparently want), and if there is one thing he isn't familiar with it is what is available in the market of h&h longswords.. HELP, please don't make me beg.

ANSWER: Hi Frank,

Yes, DSA's are good, but they aren't for everyone. Some of their swords are better balanced and more suitable for what you have in mind than others. However, the most economical, is the Practical Long Sword by Valiant Armoury.

Great blade, not whippy at all, and designed by Angus Trim (what more need I say, though a hands on review will be coming out in the next few days).

Hope this helps!

- Paul

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