Dirty gunky debris laden saya needs cleaning, but how?

by Darian

QUESTION: I recently purchased some katanas online and they arrived free of rust thanks to the shippers greasy coating (which also contained traces of debris and other specs of material along with it). After cleaning and oiling the katana i reinserted it into its saya, only to remove it from the saya to take another quick look. It came out carrying with it some of the debris and specs of material that had originally been on the shippers greasy coating (which must've coated the saya's inner surface). Cleaning and oiling the katana only to have it covered with debris right after resheathing is quite frustrating! Is there a way to harmlessly clean out a saya?

ANSWER: Hi Darian,

Sure thing - a rifle barrel cleaner works like a charm. :-)

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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Other options?
by: Anonymous

Are there any other options to rifle barrel cleaners, I live in australia where owning of firearms are banned (technically you can own one, but the gun stays at the firing range).

What else could I use to remove debris from a saya?

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