Disposing of 'junk' swords

by Adam
(Maryland, USA)

Unfortunately I made the mistake of buying swords years ago before I really knew what I was looking for. Now I'm stuck with four swords that are rather embarrassing to own. What is the best way to dispose of them?

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A few different options..
by: Paul

I know the problem all too well..

There are basically a few different ways you can dispose of junk swords..

1) You can take them to the local junkyard to be scrapped.

2) You can bend or break them into a manageable size, pack it with paper and seal them in a cardboard box and bin them. If you do this, it is a good idea to write "caution: sharp objects inside" with a magic marker so no one at the local garbage facility accidently gets hurt unpacking them.

3) You can sell them all together to someone one ebay or take to a flea market/garage sale. One mans junk is another mans treasure.

4) You can give them to friends who might want them.

5) You can recycle the components, and/or use them to experiment with sharpening techniques, antiquing, etc. Always best to have a junker sword somewhere to test a new sharpening technique idea instead of trying it on a new and more expensive blade.

I am sure there are other ways, these are just a few off the top of my head based on my own personal experience.

Hope this helps.

Re-purpose Them!
by: Voltan

If they're tempered, stainless can be made into a functional piece if you you keep the blade length short. Cut'em down, grind in some tangs, drill some pin holes for handle scales. A stainless sword blade can make about three knife blades!

Junk swords?
by: Adam Pendragwn

Or, if there’s a Medieval/Renaissance fair in your area, there will be people there who will take them, if you charge a realistic price. I used to do this, and was always in the market for cheap sword blades which I could rehilt myself and us for props or let others use until they could buy better ones for themselves. Throwing away even wall hangers is a waist in my opinion. If you’re willing to give them away, even better. Fairs’ "royal court" members never have enough swords.

Contrary to popular belief, Stainless Steel sword blades can be tempered and used like any other sword—USMC sabres are stainless and very real! Problem is, it would probably cost more than it’s worth, and most stainless blades don’t have large enough tangs. I would never use an untempered stainless blade with a tang of any size to hack at things however. Just don’t!

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