Do you know anything about ZhiSword?

QUESTION: I plan to buy a sword there for it's build and beauty instead of just build.

They seem to have a vast selection, but the prices vary so much. They are almost all claimed to be made of high carbon steel, brass fittings, and machine sharpened.

Thought you might know.

ANSWER: Their swords are 'not bad', and definitely a reasonable choice for a personalized sword at a fraction of the normal price.

Quality is nothing amazing, personally if I was after a more custom sword I would take a Cheness and have it remounted by someone like Brian Drier or Aaron Justice.

Still, they fit a niche in the market rather well. Just not really my cup of tea...


- Paul

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Reveiw about ZhiSword
by: Anonymous

I always try buying a cheap blade from the place to see if it's any good. I bought 2 Wushu Jain for Tai chi forms. Not going to use it as a cutter only going to use it for forms.

Here is a review on the 2 swords I have purchased. For the price it's a decent blade although one of the blades is much higher quality then the other blade the difference is easy to tell. The sites blade rating is rated at 3 stars but one of the blades I'd rate as 1 and a 1/2 maybe a little more and the other blade I can rate with the full 3 stars. These blades will work for the tai chi form practice that I need them for. For the price $49.99 even with the shipping added on I still think it was worth buying. The quality control might make me a hesitant buying a more expensive sword, in the long run. The service and how fast the shipping is, I can say it's excellent.

If I wanted to sharpen the blade one of them would do decent for cutting the other might be ok. They will work as I intend.
You can tell the swords have been built by different sword smiths.

ZhiSword review
by: Mr. Miro from Sweden

Hello everybody on this sait, has had recently with "ZhiSword" to do, first and last time. After this I can say for my part, that one can do without the company, explanation: Decided me to refresh my Gendai with a new Tsuka, after many moments, I found no Gunto Tsuka no solution was to buy a civilian Tsuka and mount it on my blade, the decision was the "ZhiSword" because I belived on their quality and profesionaliti. At my first meeting with the I was asked if there were any specific length of the Tsuka, as it is, in most Gunto Tsuka is 23-24cm. It would not be any problems even to make Tsuka after my dimensions of Tangen, perfect I thought, BUT, took three weeks before only Tsuka left China, after my questions kind where's my Tsuka?, The answer was that it soon will be be completed. Then Tsuka wandered in the U.S. (I live in Sweden ,???), to the end end up with me. Now remind friends, the Tsuka that comes to me is 27.5 cm in length and the hole to Tangen is so small that Tang was not beyond their half-length, then became the cross stop. So I bought a Tsuka is totally disable. Has been in contact with "ZhiSword" and explained all this, I got a pretty with professional response: "I do not understand what you write, I think this is misunderstanding". It is up to you to decide if it's the kind of reception and service of European-Scandinavian customers applied?, Please, Miroslav.

Avoid zhisword
by: Anonymous

I purchased one of thier more unique looking wakizashi designs (kind of a stick sword). It pooked great in the pictures, but every design mistake possible was made on this sword.

The saya: was improperly made and the brass band around the koiguchi slipped off within 2 inspection draws. The other brass caps and fittings are terribly fit and come off easily. The saya split just by the fact that the idiot who made it, thought that the friction fit of the koiguchi is meant to be on the horizontal face plane of the habaki, not the edge/ by the third inspection, and reseath it cracked... sorry I like my hand.

The blade isn't terrible for what I paid, however something about the tsuka felt wrong.

I began disassembling, wondered why they glued the menuki in, and taking off the tsuka butt cap, I nearly threw a fit... its a freaking nut and washer rat tail tang.

On a functional sword?

I'm going to try to see if I can salvage the blade itself... as these guys refused to reply to my email about a return/exchange.

I give them half a star... they literally got nothing right.

by: Anonymous

I purchased an iaito from Zhisword in August of 2015. It was my worst on-line purchase experience ever. They took my Paypal payment immediately, then ignored my order for months. Only after countless messages from me, through their website, and directly to the sales email address, did I get any response. After 3 months, they send me a message stating that their blades were 'out of stock', hense the delay. Rediculous, this is supposed to be a 'sword' business. Then they didn't have the Tsuba I ordered. So we selected a new Tsuba. They notified me that the sword was shipped, and that shipping info would follow. No shipping info followed. I then put a complaint in with Paypal. Shipping info finally came the same day the sword arrived. Terrible communication. Finally, I got the sword, but it was not what I ordered. The ito color was wrong, purple rather than blue. Looks stupid. I complained to them 10 days ago, but once again, they are not responding. AVOID THIS COMPANY - they are incompetent at best, criminal at worst.

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