Does Anyone own a Hanwei Forge Miyamoto Musashi sword?

by Jason

QUESTION: We've all seen katanas with the name "musashi", but this IS the Miyamoto Musashi sword. Runs from $500-1000.

At least it appears to be a good sword.

My question is does anyone own it, and if so, is it more of a display piece or is it the real deal?

Right now, its almost impossible for me to shell out $300-1000 on a Katana, but this sword, as well as the Cheness Tenchi Katana were ones I was strongly considering.

So if anyone can provide insight into this sword I would greatly appreciate it!!

ANSWER: Hi Jason,

The Hanwei Musashi it is definitely the real deal as far as functionality goes. We actually stock the 'Elite' version of this sword here at the SBG Sword Store and we don't stock non-functional swords... ;-)

It is an excellent cutter. Some people don't like the extra long tsuka, but others love it - so that is a matter of personal preference.

The main reason it is called the 'Musashi' sword is because of the tsuba design, the double C rings which were apperently designed by the great man himself.

Defintely a worthwhile sword.

- Paul

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real deal
by: Anonymous

My husband has the Hanwei Myomoto katana and wakazashi, the are the real deal... even survived our house burning down and still cuts like a razor blade.

by: Anonymous

Just received mine today and am extremely impressed. Beautiful workmanship and slices right through paper. Haven't tried anything more resilient yet.

Hanwei Musashi
by: Aus2000

I have a Hanwei Musashi Elite Katana and love it. It is a pleasure to look at but also a capable cutter.

Just wish I could get my hands on a Wakizashi.

Great Functional Sword
by: Hoodoo Harper

I have the Hanwei Musashi XL katana and it handles like a dream. Nice weight and balance for a sword of its size, and I really like the longer tsuka (which looks a lot longer than a standard tsuka, but really isn't).

It cuts like a dream and I have practiced some one-handed iaido cuts and it sliced through a bundle of 3 tatami mats cleanly.

I would definitely buy this sword again as it is a beast and I prefer it to the Hanwei "Orchid" I bought for my ex-partner (although the Orchid looks nice it did feel right when I handled it).

If you want a no-frills, efficient cutting sword then you won't regret buying this one (and the hamon is also beautiful).

Hanwei Musashi Elite
by: Anonymous

I recently purchased a new Hanwei Musashi Elite which the specs everyplace listed the tsuka as 11 inches. It arrived and is very nice but the tsuka was nearly 14 inches. I can not find it anywhere as being anything but 11 inches. Any idea as to whether this a new or old spec?

Not Musashi
by: Anonymous

This is not a "Musashi" sword. Westerners are very mixed up. It has a piece that mimics Musashi, that doesn't make it a Musashi. It might be very good sword but that does not make it Musashi. It is not made by Musashi or like musashi's swords. Just has the one piece. Quit calling it the real musashi...

by: Paul

It is called the Musashi sword, as it was inspired by a tsuba design that is credited to Miyamoto Musashi. I don't think anyone said it was one of his swords though..

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