Does make good swords?

by Sean Happenny

QUESTION: I've read your pages about buying real swords and the difference between functional ones from SLO's. handmadeswords swords appear to have all the things needed in a good sword: heat tempered, high carbon steel (1045, 1060, & 1095), full tang, less than 3 lbs, and have real hamons.

I searched the internet and only got one good result, saying he's heard both good and bad things about them. Do you have any experience with them or heard anything about them?

I'm thinking of buying a katana for my birthday...


ANSWER: Well, I pretty much heard the same thing. But there is plenty of info on my forums about them here that should answer your questions.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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I've Tried and Loved
by: Remmy

I recently purchased #308, the cloud wave katana and the smoke tsuba from i picked up my box and upon opening, i went over my katana with a fine tooth comb, so to say. i am AMAZED with how AWESOME it is. 1095 clay temped, with a FANTASTIC Hamon, which is one of the main reasons i bought it in the first place. ive trained with katana for a few years, and the blade is one of the sharpest ive ever seen and all the fittings are super tight. BEAUTIFUL case, and stand, the maintenance kit is great, and over all i'm more than pleased. the customer service was very cooperative and fast to respond to both emails and phone calls. i highly recomend to everyone and i will def buy again. if you would like pics or more info, feel free to comment.

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