Does U.S currency work, and is this axe worth it?

There is an axe from a German sword site ( that I want to buy, but I have two problems. My first problem is that I do not know if I can purchase anything in U.S currency, as everything is in Czech Republic currency. I do not know if sending an email would help, because they might not use english. My other problem is I can not find any reviews on this axe (battle axe 20013) and I can not afford to buy something for $250 and have it break when I use it. I also do not know if it comes with a sheath. I have tried to research it, but I can not find anything. If someone can please help with this, that would be great.

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Lutel are fine
by: Paul

Lutel are a well recognized sword maker that have been around for years. They speak English and while prices are listed in CZK if you pay by credit card it will automatically be exchanged into USD (best check the rate using an online currency converter first to avoid any nasty surprises).

Send them an email, I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Lutel, be careful!
by: Adam Pendragwn

Firstly, Lutel is not a German company—I live in Germany, I know. Secondly, although a Lutel axe may be okay—albeit more money than I would pay—I wouldn’t buy their swords. First of all, they are not forged, they’re ground—which is not a big deal except that if they’re lying about that then what else; and second of all, their sword tangs are made in two pieces—what people now days call rat tail tangs—and are not safe. Also, for those who care—personally I don’t—their pommels screw on. However, it is possible these problems have been corrected, I don’t know.

As far as money is concerned, make sure you know what the rate of exchange is and how much it’s going to cost to ship—it may end up costing you much more than you think!

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