Double edge katana

by Paul MONY
(Paris, FRANCE)

QUESTION: I buy the Kaze katana and i'm very happy to this katana i love to train myself with it, but i search a double edge katana at good price (aproximetaly same as kaze) and i don't find it in your site, that is my question :
The normal katana is much more better than the double edge katana? or you just don't try to test this kind of katana?

thank you for according a litle bit of your time,
kindest regards...



Well, the main reason is simply because they are essentially a fantasy sword design, and I have not yet got around to creating a fantasy page to put them on. ;-)

Other than that, I don't see anything wrong with these swords. They aren't really my cup of tea, but I will likely test one out in the future.

Kind Regards,

- Paul

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Double edge katana
by: Paul MONY

I'm very happy to listen it! This kind of sword is very beautiful and i find 2company who sell it for honorable price :

cold steel at truesword :

and another type another company;

dynasty forge at amrs of valor :

So, it's my research during 3 long hours of sweating :D !
Maybe I prefer wait just a little for appreciate the time of the reflection!!
After this i can see the better way to take :D thanks to paul southern for your attention see you later!!

Fantasy Design!?!?!?!?
by: K.T.

Sorry, Paul, but this time I just can't agree with you, though I've learned a lot about swords from you and and your website! This is the first time I've ever heard that kogarasu maru (or kissaki moroha zukuri) is a "fantasy disign" blade!!! There are even three old double edged ("fantasy"???) tachi blades in the Japanese Imperial Collection!

You are right
by: Paul Southren

Sorry, I stand corrected - I was a bit absent minded when I was writing the reply and was thiniking instead of the reverse blade Katana and not moroha zukuri, which of course is a rare - but historical design...

Sorry to Paul too, sometimes I am in such a rush I only half read the question. :-P

No Prob:-)
by: K.T.

Hi Paul,
I didn't want to contradict my mentor;-) and definitely didn't want to be the "smart a$$" who corrects you but I fell there was some misunderstanding. Thank you so much that you spent your time answearing my comment and I'm glad that our points of view are identical:-)
To Paul MONY - there are some other companies selling double edged katana (besides "Dynasty Forge" and "Cold Steel") - Zhi Mastersword (very inexpensive models), Oni Forge (little higher price) and the most expensive But the most beautiful one - Bugei's Kogarasu Maru Tachi. You could find even more "no name" double edged katana on eBay but with questionable quality.

by: Anonymous

Thank you very much K T i'm happy to know this information!!

SBG Double edged Katana
by: IneffableOne

I just wanted to mention SBG custom Katana has a double edge blade option. So SBG is also a source now for these wonderful unique blades.

One thing to mention for people interested in this style, is there is no noto (resheathing) like you see with a regular Katana. You have to sheath by looking and sliding it in instead of the no look way of sliding along till the tip drops in.

I personally love my Kissaki-moroha-zukuri style sword, which is what they are called. Or more commonly Kogarasu Zukuri after the "Little Crow" Kogarasu Maru.

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