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QUESTION: Cheness, is it a good company?

I will buy a new sword I am thinking of Tenchi Ko Katana - Hand Forged, Heat Tempered Carbon Steel Iaito Wakizashi Sword. is it good or bad or very good and storng?

If I cut 20 water bottle will the sword stay sharp and strong or it going to be unsharp and bad?

And I live in UAE if I order a sword will it be deleverd to me or no (not in usa) so far from there?

What katana you think its the best katana you ever tried?

Thank you

ANSWER: Hi Rashid,

Well, there are quite a few reviews and tests of Cheness on my site - and in my opinion, for the price, there is nothing that comes close...

20 water bottles will not be a problem for these swords.

There should be no problems with delivery, Cheness swords are sent all over the world - the only issue will be if your local customs and laws allow swords. If so, no problems.

The best Katana IMHO is the Cheness Kaze. The SGC and the Tenchi are also my favourites, but for different reasons. However as far as a traditional blade goes, the Kaze is my personal favorite.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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