Eastern sword+western martial art=acceptable?

by Roy

QUESTION: Hello there, Paul.

A while ago,I purchased a functional Katana.I prefer the japanese longsword over the western one because the blade is nicer and the furniture is eye-candy. It's also faster because of it's lower weight.

Now,some tim ago,I downloaded a free ebook from this site that teaches you longsword fencing (it's 42 pages long and you're the author). It's really interesting that you brought the italian and german way together to form one and I prefer this way of fighting with a sword more than the way the eastern martial arts teach us to fight with a sword (kenjutsu and kendo).

Now you know that, here is my question. Is it possible or even in a way "acceptable" that I want to learn western longsword fencing with a Eastern sword (katana).

Thanks in advance.



Actually, the ebook was published by SBG but actually written by a young gentleman called Adam Sharp.

Anyway, to answer your question - the purists would say no. However, with some minor adjustments there really is no reason why you couldn't use the same training method for a Katana. Both are effectively longswords.

Though of course, the best advice is to seek out professional instruction for whichever sword art most attracts you.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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