ehada seems real similar

by mike S
(lake ariel, PA, USA)

I just bought a sword from musashiswords the price was exactly the same as these two, 59.99! It's a great deal. I however purchased the 'ehada' version. It looks identical to the bushido versions from what I can tell it makes a great noise when I cut with it.... I wish I could put up a picture I swear if the tsuba was the same you wouldn't be able to tell.

Also don't know if it's just microscopic or really non existent but.... NO SECONDARY BEVEL yeah maybe i'm lucky or something? Did anyone else buy this sword is yours this good? It's solid as a rock and the blade is literally a razor starts at the bo hi and goes straight to the edge no little kithen knife sharpener used here i swear! it's definetely worth looking into if your having trouble finding the bushido wind dragon...

The ito and fittings and menuki are all metal its double pegged and really looks like a 1000 dollar sword compared to my stainless displays and a sword purchased off ebay that looks like its almost 50 yrs old. But guess what the musashi sword is by FAR the cheapest sword I have at less than half the price of my crappy display only ones.... Maybe paul can let me know if i'm nuts???? If the other ehadas suck then i got sumthin else with the ehada tsuba haha great day great day.

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can't think of a title
by: Caleb

No secondary bevels/mircro-edge is important, because that's completely non-historic for a Japanese sword. Your finding that no kitchen knife sharpener was used is also good. However, almost all of the major mass-produced katana manufacturers (Hanwei, Chenness, Cold Steel, etc.) that offer economical models offer the above. What they don't offer, I believe, is the low(est) price of Musashi swords. So kudos to you for getting some bang for your buck.

As i've been reading, the major price ~brackets~ are $100, $300, under $1000 and over $1000. The idea is that what you spend should be as LITTLE over the brackets as possible, because any amount of money spent on top of the bracket won't really do much. A generalization would be a $290 sword is only a little better than a $100 sword, while a $300 will be significanly better as it goes over to the higher category. As Paul mentions, & as i would opine, a $500 is honestly not that much better than a $300, so you may as well buy two $300's! Anyway, you get the idea

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