Enter the Faux Dragon

by Steven

Thanks for that eye opener Mr. Southren! It's almost indecernable for the educated, and uneducated, to navigate through the quagmire that is the online maze with an "actual" facsimile of a sword at it's center. If it weren't for SBG, The Forum, Mr. Southren, and the true believers of the Sword Army, those new recruits would be forever lost in a turbulent sea of confusing terminology: "folded steel" "Damascus Steel" "carbon steel" "razor sharp" "4,000+ layers." It's enough to drive someone new to sword collecting into the falsely warm bosom of Shinwa *insert vomiting sound here* or even worse names I dare not utter lest they be like Beetlejuice and appear at my door if I type their names too many times. If you've been there you know what I mean! There is even a new sword brand (Sokojikara....never heard of them till today!) that sells for $299.99 on Trueswords.com and claims to bear the fabled T-10 steel of Longquan, China as its blade. The fittings (from looking at the pictures closely, without actually having to TOUCH one of these abominations) look like they came out of a Cracker Jack box and I couldn't tell if the "authentic Hamon" was wire brushed on, acid etched (me being nice) or just my imagination. Please beware guys/girls, I am not an expert by ANY means, but SBG has opened my eyes to the plethora of feces these wanna-be rat tail forges are pumping out to the huddled masses. Thanks!

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Typical budK
by: AW

I believe sokokijara or whatever it is I think is just a fancy sounding bud k house brand, not Shure tho, it could be a shinwah brand too? But there prob. Not bad. I think the $300 one is clay tempdred as far as T10 I'd like to hope they wudnt blemish there reputation nowadays with flat out intentional lieing seem I think there trying to up there reputation lately. In the past I've referred to BudK as being optimistic with there descriptions not just flat out ball face lie, but the one thing is true swords is a budK company along with Kennesaw cutlery and ch kadel, but Clint Cadel(BudK) has excellent customer service and is real good about returns... There not always 100% accurate in the catalogs but will refund or replace no problem. Just have to do research and know what you are looking at before you buy...

by: Steven

I have been a member of BudK since before they even had a website. When I joined BudK it was a catalogue ONLY company, so I have seen the evolutions they have made, but after the Shinwa fiasco I have been finding it hard to buy ANY swords (or sword-like-objects) from them. Actually the last one I bought was a Musashi Bamboo katana (1060 supposedly) that holds an edge well enough, but a metallurgist I am not......could be 1045 for all I know. But for anything else BudK is GREAT. I get all my camping and survival stuff from them, as well as the few Cold Steel things that Sword Buyers Guide didn't have. BudK's not a bad site, just not the most trustworthy for "swords." Thank goodness we have Sword Buyers Guide LOL

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