Excellent ! A real piece of Art (as for their WebSite)

by Cristiano Catucci
(Taranto , Puglia , Italy)

I bought a saber & a combat-knife from KultOfAthena.
They had care to put on its blade some shipping oil & even on its scabbard... so that it was in extra-mint conditions.
Newer than ever , shining like a golden-star.
The package was protected with extra-care & you can see for yourself that their web-sites is full of info about their sabers : its total-length , length of the Blade -ONLY , width thickness , Point Of Balance.....!!! GREAT.
These are the kind of info that Experts need & that might be very very ...very useful when you need to pick up a sword among many.
Besides on their sites you can find 4-5 pictures from different key-angles so that you have a great assessment of the Saber you are evaluating that is a candidate for your purchase.
For me KultOfAthena has great Taste as for choosing the weapons to sell ...and their website is quick to consult , a piece of art to enjoy & above all Excellent for side-by-side comparisons.
Full of info.
The signature Battle-ready is in red & quick to detect !
My favorite web Site among hundreds .
Only flaw I can spot : They lack of great range of Shields , especially steel ones.
I am sure they will see to it , however.

My vote from 1 to 10..... almost 10 !
And I am picky .... just imagine that.

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