Excellent, reasonable people! But sadly slow replies on email.

by Steve
(Cebu City, Philippines)

I've bought a Cheness Kaze Katana from them and it has an unbelievable low price! Before ordering I did an inquiry on them, yet, they reply too slow(they reply like two days after or more in my case).

After I placed my order, they also replied on me very slow regarding the process of buying/trading(since I used money order (western union) option). But I've talked to "Ryan" and he was a very reasonable guy, though the only problem is that the slow reply time of their customer service. OTHER than that all was very pleasing to a customer (low price, easy website navigation, and reasonable people). I will definitely buy from them again.

P.S. I've sent my money just today, and I will have to see what will happen regarding my shipment. I will post more regarding how they process the shipments soon.

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Dec 25, 2009
Continuation and Ending
by: Steve

by Steve
(Cebu City, Philippines)

I received it earlier than I expected(23-November-2009 / 10:51 AM). I used UPS option though, even using Western Union was a big risk, still the company is very honest(this one made me amazed by these people). But again if they could only improve their customer service, I believe more will flock to them.

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