Exceptional sword, a must have for any beginner

by Andy
(Toronto, Canada)

I ordered this sword from an ally of trueswords (swordcompany). Since trueswords don't ship to Canada, they recommended swordcompany.

While waiting for my international delivery, I was checking out some stuff online about proper sword care, I stumbled onto this wonderful piece of sword heaven. I accidentally found a link to the review for this sword, and was glad I didnt throw yet another penny into the wind (since my first buy was the horrible stainless steel Kill Bill sword with a poor hamon made with a grinder (with no skill whatsoever). The sword finally came today and I must say, I am impressed.

The handle was tightly wrapped. The so called ray skin... actually looked a lot more like ray skin than I imagined it would. It still doesn't compare to the real stuff, but who is going to know besides me... I searched and searched for the faint hamon, and surprisingly enough, a laser pointer at the right angle showed a definite line. True that the blade is not as shiny as it could be, but it still beats my crappy stainless steel S.L.O. I am very happy with this purchase, and would definitely recommend it.

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your sword
by: Kit

You failed to mention what sword you purchased?

Oh my, forgot to write the name of the sword
by: Andy

I was talking about the Bushido Musashi 'Wind Dragon' sword.

by: Kelvin

I've been trying to contact this store because I gave them the wrong shipping information and I'm trying to change it, but they don't email or call back, and I've left them 2 voicemails and 2 emails already.

Is this store reputable at all?

by: Paul

They have a good reputation, though I think they are closed on the weekends. I am sure they will get back to you.

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