Extremely horrible customer service!

I called them to ask why such a small item that cost a dollar and a half was shipped in such an enormous box that could fit hundreds of them in, that cost ten dollars for shipping when a smaller box would have cost less for shipping. And the guy who answered the phone said that I was a liar and an idit and that I was purposely trying to start a fight! And then he just started spouting off about all this trash so I just hung up. I don't know what this guys problem was but he needs help and I will not be ordering anything from Kult of Athena ever again.

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Nov 19, 2018
by: Anonymous

Yeah sounds like the guy is probably right about you

Jul 15, 2015
really....I mean, really?
by: Anonymous

This sounds like some housewife's version of events.

She's driving too slow, and someone passes her on a double yellow.

Later it turns into "he was trying to run me off the road! Calling me names and threatening me.i though he wanted to kill me!"

I'm not saying your lieing. But people do tend to exaggerate things in their head to the point of believing it themselves.

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