Favorite sword

by Jeff M.
(San Diego, California, USA)

QUESTION: Guess the title says it all. I was wondering what your favorite sub $300 sword was. Are you a katana fan, or do you prefer a medieval sword? Can you name a few that would have to be your top favorites, and if possible, narrow done the selection to your favorite sword?

ANSWER: That sure is a tough question. I have asked this before in various interviews with sword manufacturers and vendors, but perhaps didn't appreciate just how difficult it is to answer.

Anyway, I'll do my best... ;-)

Essentially, I like all types of swords - if it has a long blade and a handle and can cut stuff, well - I love it! I am definitely a Katana fan from waaaay back, but if I like Katana the best - which may be true - it is only by the smallest increment over other types of swords...

My top favorites shift all the time, as I get to see and own quite a variety of swords, but my top 3 of all time (so far) include the Kaze Katana by Cheness, the Gim Sword by Cold Steel, and the discontinued Windlass European sword.

But out of these three, if I could only have ONE sword, I would probably select the Kaze... Even though the review points (4/5) is less than some others, from my own personal perspective, it would have to be #1...

Of course, in 12 months, who knows...! ;-)


- Paul

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