field MK4 last legend Katana

by lee
(England )

Hi guys I have a field MK 4 dragonfly last legend competition katana that I purchased in 2005 which has spent it's entire life hung on my wall. I am reluctanty looking to rehome it due to my wife expecting twins and us moving into a family home where a samurai on the wall will look out of place and further down the line just isn't practical. I know not of the current laws of selling such an item or where best to advertise. Any help is greatly received.

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Lots of options..
by: Paul

Hi Lee,

This is not legal advice, but from my understanding of UK laws this kind of sword, because it is traditionally made, is considered exempt from the UK sword ban and you should be able to sell it with no problems.

Your options for selling it would be the classifieds on the various Sword Forums (which is free to list and may command the best price, assuming the condition is good), ebay, a garage sale, flea market or pawnbroker (in that order).

Hope this helps.

by: lee

Hi Paul thank you for taking time to answer my post and thank you for the information.

No problems
by: Paul

No problems Lee, always happy to be of assistance.

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