Final Fantasy blades??

QUESTION: I would like to collect swords such as the ones used in Final Fantasy games. However, I would like to know if anyone knows a good source for large swords such as these. Also what classification they would fit into.

ANSWEZR: They used to make decorative replicas of these swords until around 3 months ago, however then some harsh words came down from the copyright owners in Japan telling retailers to stop selling them or face legal action...

So, that was the end of that...

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U dude are wrong
by: Taurn

Bosco's in Anchorage Ak, has a 1/2 sised steel replica of Cloud's Buster sword for sale.

the one who can find me this will be my bestfriend!?!?!?!
by: Ashley is SEARCHING!!!

I have been searching high a low for fulltang NOT DISPLAY .. REAL cloud strif buster sword replica. I have found a few distributors however they are out of stock. CAN ANYONE HELP ME!?!?!

email me if you have any ideas

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