Finding a sword repair shop.

by Kevin Ells
(Renton, WA)

this is just some of the rust

this is just some of the rust

QUESTION: I was recently given a limited edition katana by a friend of my family. It turns out that they had been using it for numerous purposes that shocked me. There are chips in the blade and it needs the rust romoved and the hilt needs to be re-wrapped. it basically needs a total overhaul and i need to know where to send it. the distance doesnt really matter as long as it can be restoerd.

ANSWER:Hi Kevin,

There really aren't that many places that do sword restoration, at least not those that do it for a reasonable price point.

Probably the most well known is Fred Lohman here: though this is around the US$800 mark.

You may be able to find other people on the various sword forums who will be able to help do it for a cheaper price.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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I'm an amateur polisher in Vancouver
by: Caleb

If you're interested, I do traditional polishes as well as hybrid ones. My most expensive option does run for about $25 CAD per inch, but I can give you MANY options and depending on what you choose it may go as low as ~$80 CAD for the whole job. (excluding shipping)

Additionally, I would be glad to answer any questions absolutely for free; if you don't mind photographing and sending me the photos, I would not mind giving you a free assessment


Sword Scabbard Repair
by: Paul Linnes

I have a sword that my father got with his German uniform in about 1914. the scabbard has several dins, not very sharp but the sword can't be put into the scabbard because of them. I'm trying to find someone that can take these dins out and make it smooth again. I was the one that put these dins in the scabbard when I was my be 5 years old. Perhaps they have a tool like they have for cars that take out small dents which doesn't bother the outside finish, in this case original nickel plating.

Bent tip
by: Ethan

I bought myself a sharp sword and I used it on a plaster lion face statue and I stabbed and sliced it until it broke and I look at the tip and it was bent. The katana is a shinwa Damascus katana is there a way to fix it?
God bless,

by: Anonymous

Tom Nardi Repairs most pre civil war to WWII swords at a reasonable cost, and WONDERFUL WORK. Try him at

Fake Katanas in Auburn Super Mall WA.
by: Aleks

Hello i recently purchased two Katanas with my friend at a store called Young Hui Imports. The man who sold us these katanas told us these were real genuine hand forged Katanas and not machine made. He showed us the hand forging process in the article (of the manufacturer who sells these katanas) and told us these were the katanas he was selling to us. Shortly after we purchased them my friend and I did a little research on katanas and realized the ones he sold us were not hand-forged. In order to prove this we need someone (who is knowledgeable about katanas) to verify that these katanas were not hand-forged and machine made in order for us to get our money back. If you can help us verify the truth about these katanas i would truly appreciate it. Email me at

Sword Repair
by: Anonymous

Tom Nardi Can handle most aspects of sword repair. You can contact him here

I'm no longer in Vancouver; pls disregard my post
by: Caleb

Thank you all for your inquiries, it has been an honor and joy answering your questions regarding your most interesting pieces and even being of help though I really am so unqualified.

I regret to say that I am no longer in Vancouver and that my original post no longer holds true, as it is ALMOST 10 YEARS OLD. I no longer have the $80 CAD finish (LOL), for example. $80 CAD back then can buy me almost twice as much stuff I can nowadays (especially if I convert it to USD). My full polishes still do run for under a grand, but I sincerely ask that you ignore my original posting, and, if I can be of help, be prepared that I'd have to assess your piece on a case-by-case basis.

But by all means send me your questions! I thought I'd eventually get to the point I'd rudely start ignoring your e-mails...but it's never happened yet! So I'll end by saying, best of luck to your restoration endeavors, I still wish you the best! -Caleb

Sword repair business.
by: Brandon

I have a samurai sword that my great-uncle captured in battle during the second World War. The rapping on the handle has come apart and the Scabbard is rough-looking. I'm looking for a repair shop inside the continental United States that can rewrap the handle of my sword and possibly restore the scalp that came with it. I was told by a swordsmith expert who said at this or is between 200 to 400 years old.Thank you!!!!! B

Sword repair business.
by: Brandon

I have a samurai sword that my great-uncle bought back in the second World War. The handle wrappings have come off and I am looking for a company or business that can rewrap the sword. Nice caliber is in rough shape and I would also like that recovered. Does anyone know a business inside the Continental United States that does good work. Thanks guys, Brandon

by: Anonymous

i recently came into possession of a saber that was used in my family during the american civil war and has been passed down from father to son until it finally got to me. however it is in desperate need of fixing and restoring so i was wondering if anyone knew where i could make that happen? money is not an obstacle

Tom Nardi sword restoration
by: Anonymous

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