Flared longsword

by Michael

QUESTION: I have been considering buying the flared longsword from Windlass steelcrafts. I am wondering what you know about this particular sword. If I were to buy it I would use it in my training (Western Martial Arts).

Thanks in advance.

ANSWER: Hi Michael,

I haven't personally handled it, but I am concerned that it may be a tad 'whippy'.. Windlass make some great one handed swords, but I am yet to find one of their hand and halfs or two handed that isn't excessively flexible.

As such, I'd be wary of it and ask around on the various forums to see if someone has first hand experience of it as if it is whippy, you won't get much use out of it for training...

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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by: Michael

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your answer. I have heard that about the longer blades made by Windlass. I have heard on the forum though, that someone phoned Kult of Athena and they said that this is one of the few blades from Windlass that is not whippy.


im looking to buy one at low price but where?
by: Anonymous

i bought a federschwert from cas hanwei and i was really astonished seeing how bent the sword was
about 3 inch to the left or right you decide
it was bent right before the ricasso making a a wide
looking v. like if i put in on the floor on a side it looks ok the pommel,cross and tip all touching the floor and i can't put my finger under the ricasso and if i flip it over the cross is floating and i can sweep my whole hand under the riccasso AND guard

its kinda looking like a over bent sword.

and im thinking of shipping it back for refund because im really unsatified of what i paid for.

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