Folded Blades

by Kayani As-Sadiq
(Toronto, Ontario)


I just finished reading the blog post 'Sword Steels 101' and would like to know if folded high carbon steel blade such as the Dokuji Nami Sanmai Katana is referring or similar to "Damascus" Steel, or folded blades mentioned in the article?

Thank you in advance for your time.


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Yes, folded and damascus is the same..
by: Paul

Hi Kayani,

I actually just updated the article to help make it a little clearer and added a pic of the cross section of a folded steel blade as well as link to a recent review and testing I did of a similar blade to the one you are currently looking at.

The sword you are interested in is in the "safe" price range and will probably be fine for normal cutting practice. But it will not be any stronger than a non-folded blade, just nicer looking..

There are many misconceptions out there about folded steel and Damascus steel swords. But they are the same thing, and I hope the updated info in the article will be helpful.

Any other questions feel free to ask - always happy to help.

- Paul

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