From clueless, to confident thx to SBG

by Brian
(Laguna Hills, CA)

I've learned and taught nearly every Okinawan weapon out there. I never delved into the katana as most of the aforementioned weapons were conceived to defend against it. I have finally decided to take the leap, Skinkendo and all but knew nothing of decent entry level swords. Not only did SBG give me the fundamental information necessary for making a competent decision, SBG offered me the venue to purchase the tool. I now proudly own and use 6 (and counting) swords purchased from SBG. From a business standpoint, the orders arrived fast and well-packaged. SBG's reviews and recommendations have been absolutely spot on. People like Paul, and outfits like SBG are what I consider the hidden diamonds in the field of coal we call the Internet. Thank you SBG.

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