Fully functional Nodachi. Are they real?

by Tom
(Troy, MO)

QUESTION: I have been looking for a nodachi of functional use for some time now. Do you know where I can find one of 50 inches or more? I can't find one anywhere.

ANSWER: There were a handful of functional Nodachi around, though few fit neatly under the sub US$300 mark - and those under $300 tend not to be functional at all...

Musashi swords used to have one until a few months ago, I don't know what happened to it (actually, I thought it was still available at the time of answering this question, but seems to be gone from their site!).

Cold Steel make a Nodachi/Nagamaki - but their retail price is US$779 and I've not seen to many of the discount retailers stock it...

However, there is one coming soon by Valiant Armoury that looks promising - no one has the stats on it yet, it is that new - but it has a RRP of US$259.99 and looks quite promising.


One final word that may help you in your own search - try looking for 'Odachi' too. Most people use the word Odachi and Nodachi interchangeably. However, the reality is that a Nodachi literally only means 'field sword' while an Odachi is a 'great sword' or the kind of sword you describe you are looking for.

Good luck and hope this all helps a bit.

- Paul

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Also looking for Odachi help
by: Anonymous

Sword N Armory has a pair, however I'm not sure as to their quality. One of them is rumored to be manufactured by Musashi but isn't the same as the Musashi odachi that was offered by True Swords. I had been informed that True Swords was to get more in by the end of July but, sadly, nothing so far.

nodachi functional
by: shannon

http://www.korisuya.com/odachi.html go here its functional and 67" long overall and doesnt ship internationally

if you're going to buy an odachi, remember this
by: katana64

some states have a restriction on how long your odachi ("knife" as they put it) can be, in missouri a sword ("knife")can't be over 5 feet long, ti find out if their is any state restriction laws you have to serch knife laws because most states think swords are knives.

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