Functional Glamdring

by Casey

QUESTION: Do you know of anyone who have made/plan to make, a version of Gandalf's "Glamdring" from Lord of the Rings as a functional, carbon steel sword? I would be so stoked if anyone did. Darksword armoury or Gen2 would do a great job I think...

ANSWER:Hi Casey,

You are right, there isn't a functional Glamdring out there at the moment - and yes, Darksword or Gen2 would definitely do it justice.

Not sure if there are plans to make one as yet, but in the meantime a friend of mine in Australia could make a very nice one for you if you didn't want to wait - check out his site here:

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Darksword Galmdring
by: Anonymous

Darksword is making a functional glamdring at this very moment.

by: Anonymous

I am a BIT late but Darksword armoury has a functional Gladmdring called the Sage. However the Museum collection version of Glamdring by UC is also functional HOWEVER i would not fight with it. It is an amazing sword but bang for your buck. 50$ cheaper says to buy the Sage. MC by UC is nice but a nice wall hanging sword.

another option
by: Anonymous

Check out Arms of Chivalry. Out of Europe, Joe there offers an incredibly accurate high carbon steel version of Glamdring for around $700. Darksword's is definitely great, but they took the liberty of not making it identical to the movies. Arms of Chivalry's is! It's not on their site right now, so look them up and send them an email! he will send you pictures.

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