Game swords

by Brett
(Davis Ca)

QUESTION: You put a lot of care and detail into your analysis of Movie and TV swords, I was just wondering if you were planning to do the same of Video game swords as well. As a huge Video Game player, thats where most of my interests lie.

ANSWER: Yes indeed, the site is still growing - and these swords will be covered in time...! :-)


- Paul

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by: Anonymous

how about anime swords?

Coming Soon...
by: Paul Southren

Yeah, Anime swords will be reviewed in time. I'm not sure whether to put them in with Movie and TV swords, will probably add them to a pending 'fantasy' swords category.

add it before
by: david

sorry about rude with that and my question i sent in you should make a fantasy category so you can also use other brands and styles i asked a question on bugei swords are they any good?

your friend


by: Paul Southren

Hi David,

Bugei are easily some of the best production swords out there. Of course, they cost 3 or 4 times as much as those reviewed on SBG. And the wait time can be several months.

But if you have the money and can justify it - there is little else out there (at least in the $1000-$2000 range) that comes close...


- Paul

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