Gen.2 Medieval sword durability

by John
(New Orleans La.)

QUESTION: Paul. I have a question? Based on your test to destruction review of the Gen.2 maximillian medieval sword I purchased one from Arms of Valor. They claim that the sword is suitable for heavy reenactment use. In cutting some branches ranging in thickness from .5 inches to 1 inch I noticed the blade was bent and I had to straighten it out on my knee. Is this normal?

Does it seem that the temper may be off? I wouldn't classify this as heavy abuse based on what you put yours through. Also the wooden handle which I assume is wrapped with leather developed a crack in it after this little session. This doesn't seem right either?

The swords blade was advertised as razor sharp, but as I recieved it it was more like butter knife sharp! When I asked the fellow at Arms of Valor about this He said, thats about right as medieval swords were more of a cleaving weapon than a slicing weapon such as a katana. I dont know about this. It just seems to me the sword I have is not as durable as the one you tested and I'm a bit hesitant to use in steel on steel or reenactment displays.(Yes I know that sharp edge thing is a no no for this and I was going to buy another and blunt it. ) But now I'm not so sure. Your thoughts. Thanks. John Bertucci.


It certainly shouldn't have bent on a 1" tree limb, though generally speaking trees are not a very good target for a sword - especially prolonged useage.

There were problems with these swords tempering several months ago, though this was only just recently fixed as announced on my other site Sword Manufacturers Guide and on the forums, so it would seem that you must have ended up with one of the older models...

As to the sharpness, medieval swords were generally not razor sharp, but 'sword sharp', so as long as it cuts well the feel of the blade is inconsequential (I have seen a video of one of the SBG forumites running his hand along the edge of a Gen2 blade, and then promptly slicing a Tatami mat in two!).

But yes, I think you must have ended up with one of the old ones with the tempering issues (though this is the first time I have heard of this problem on a Maximillian, it was previously confined to the Black Prince and the Ranger Sword).

Anyway, what was AoV's response to the tempering issue?

To the best of my knowledge, these issues are a thing of the past, though it seems that there are still a few from the bad batch floating around...

Let me know what they say and sorry to hear about your bad experience.


- Paul

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