by ryan nield
(New Zealand)

QUESTION: hi my name is ryan i live in New Zealand and want to now if u have heard of gengsword becouse i just bought one and i think you would intrested in it i am at

ANSWER: Hi Ryan,

Yes, I have heard of them - though haven't really had a chance to check them out yet. It would seem that they are pretty much isolated to the NZ market at this point, which is indeed a fairly under represented and underserviced market.

I imagine that for the lack of import hassles and price they are ok. But I won't say any more until I investigate them further. When you get it, be sure to add a comment with your impressions.


- Paul

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i have just bought their dragon Katana and wakizashi
by: Anonymous

Bought these two swords from Jack Geng about a month ago at under $100 NZD each which is well under his "retail" price $649 NZD for the katana and $549 NZD for the wakizashi although these are forever under his "limited offer price" at 50% off.

as soon as i received them i know they were low quality budget swords. they're just poor quality forged swords straight from China, nothing more. Anyone that has traveled to China know your able to pick these up no more than $35 NZD

confronted Jack immediately and knowing he has finally been caught out, he agrees to the budget quality of these swords and false information given [budget quality is his own words] he quickly offers me more free swords for compensation but not wanting another low quality sword i gave him 2 options.

If he truly think he has better quality swords available [as these are his low priced swords] I'll be happy to pay more for them. But if not i just want my full refund.

I got my full refund.

unfortunately there is just too many fault with these swords to list, their basically ornamental swords with an sharp edge and some of the specs from his website are intentionally false.

by: Anonymous

GENG SWORDS are a joke. Made in some state owned factory in china. Scrap metal with a fake handle
tacked on. The sales pitch used by this company is completely false. If you want crap go ahead and buy.

Daigoro katana
by: Anonymous

I bought a 1095 daigoro katana from him
I got in over my head about cutting and sliced some saplings or little trees down in the bush
i went for a fairly thick one and cut most of in first swing but slightly bent the blade but didnt lose its edge I thought it was alright its still functional

just bought one
by: Anonymous

got one for under $200, no complain. i think most people are happy about it.

I own a geng iii katana
by: Anonymous

Just bought it recently , tried it out on water bottles .Nice clean cut very sharp , feels nice to use . Id be interested in an experts opinion as im a beginner . this is my first sword and this is the only info other than the retailers website that i could find on them . If the person who posted on Jan 12, 2008 has any more info they could share on the origin of these blades id be interested in that info too

by: chris


I have delt with Jack the owner of gengswords for 3 yrs now. They are the best in NZ. Now the production swords are no longer made, they are now concentrating on 'Traditional-Hand- Forged'. swords.. At a higher, but still reasonable price.. Approx.
$ 1,000- NZD & up. Many of their blades are not produced by otheres, as they are not for disply but used in Tamagashri- cutting & martial arts treaining.. Being clay temper or soft iron as in the true Tashi style..

Any enquiries -

Traditional forged swords
by: Corey A

I agree that his swords under 300 are budget but for $300NZ of course you will get a budget sword (non-clay tempered and budget fittings). Have brought a couple of his traditional forged swords (shinsakuto) and am quite pleased got both for $1200NZ. Good quality fittings and saya. Both swords had a nice choji hamon.

Kogarasu Maru
by: Reg Smih

Bought a folded kogarasa Mary katana from Geng in 2009. Great sword.

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