Glamdring with scabbard

I really appreciate this website.
Swords are awesome, but not having a ton of money to throw around, its good to know what is quality work and what isn't.

I have spent the last hour and a half on your site reading and browsing the various articles. I was just wondering if you know of anyone selling a quality Glamdring including the scabbard. I know that United Cutlery makes a wonderful looking Glamdring, but not with a scabbard.

Thanks! Have a great day.

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Might be tricky but there are options..
by: Paul

The United Cutlery Glamdring is the only authorized, licensed replica of this particular sword - no one else is actually allowed to make it, and while beautiful and quite well made - it is unfortunately stainless steel, so only a decorative piece..

United Cutlery do not make scabbards, and as they are the only company authorized to do anything with the design, sadly you will not find anyone else selling a different replica with or without scabbard.. (kind of an oversight really, as both the Anduril and Sting replicas have a scabbard that can be purchased separately)..

Now some small scale sword makers may be able to make you a custom version "inspired by" LoTR, but it will be expensive and take some considerable amount of time..

However, bearing everything said above in mind, you could get a custom SCABBARD made for the Glamdring by Tritonworks custom scabbards - they have various levels available with the most basic, decent looking scabbard for a similar price to what the Anduril scabbard sells for..

Hope this helps.
- Paul

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