Got My New Kaze Today!!!

by Ryan
(Idaho, USA)

After extensive research, in no small part thanks to this site right here, I made the decision to buy a Kaze. I was heavily leaning towards the Hanwei Practical, but I opted for the more traditional constructionand appearance of the Cheness. For the same money, I nearly bought a Cold Steel Warrior Katana, but I really wanted to go as authentic as possible, and the Cheness seemed to fit the bill the best, at least for me.

I emailed Paul with a couple of questions,and within a couple hours he responded and answered them all for me.

I made my order from the North West U.S., and even with the Chinese New Year holiday, I recieved the sword in under 2 weeks.

As soon as I opened the outer packing box, I was really excited. The decorative sword box is really quite beautiful, covered in what I believe to be silk, and even the little latches are really neat.

I opened the box and found the blade wrapped in a dual layer sword bag, and tied securely.

When I actually drew the sword from the bag, I was struck by how glossy the finish was on the saya, and the practical beauty of the Ito. I drew the blade from the Saya, and there was a light coat of oil on the blade, keeping any moisture from doing the slightest bit of damage. I wiped the blade down with a clean cotton cloth, and was actually a little dissapointed in the Hamon, which is really quite faint, and at first looked to be fake. After closer inspection however, I changed my opinion, as there were variations in the curvature and edges. The polish of the blade is actually much much better than I expected it to be, as the proccess is expensive and time consuming and most lower priced blades are pretty utilitarian.

The blade is quite sharp, but not the suicidal wickedness I've seen some people post about. Im sure opinions vary over that "Very Sharp" means. However, It would definately do massive damage, and I am overall VERY pleased with what I recieved, and especially the service provided by SBG.

I highly recommend them to any novice sword buyer such as myself, as Paul was very quick to answer my questions, and Im sure If I ever need any service on the product, he'll be just as helpfull.

THANKS PAUL and SBG it was a pleasure doing business with you.

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