Hanwei Dark Sentinel QUALITY?

by James Bull
(Indiananpolis, IN, USA)

Hanwei Dark Sentinel

Hanwei Dark Sentinel

QUESTION: Have you ever seen/used/heard anything about the Hanwei Dark Sentinel sword. I have seen it at several places and am considering buying it. I just wondered if you have an opinion on the sword? Most descriptions say it is Forged High Carbon Steel, but I have yet to find anything on the tang or how it was heat treated (I currently am waiting that info from the manufacturer). Any info would be great...thank.

ANSWER: Yes indeed, I have two reviews that will be going up on the main site for this particular piece - likely within the next couple of weeks.

Suffice it to say, it is a VERY resiliant blade and is extremely good value for money. Both reviews are overwhelmingly positive, especially considering the price point, and it is extremely durable.

Full reviews coming to SBG VERY SOON! ^_^


- Paul

James Bull
Indianapolis, IN

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Hanwei Dark Sentinel Katana
by: L. Fuller

I purchased the Hanwei Dark Sentinel a few years ago for a friend from a retailer in my home town. While I was told the same that the inquirer here was told about the blade, I never inquired further for verification. I will agree though that the blade is very resilient. My friend used it primarily to clear his land of bamboo that varied in diameter from a 1/4" to over 2". He spent 3 days and when he was done, the blade still retained its sharpness and no damage was seen on the blade (nicks or indentations). Very good blade.

Don't buy this sword!
by: LeGivorden

A few years ago I first saw this sword in bud K. it looked great but something made me hesitant. I knew a guy in town who sold swords and mentioned it to him. He decided to order one in to take a look at with me.

When the sword arrived with the rest of his stock order, he called me up. When he saw me walk into the shop he shook his head and said "You're not going to like this." I knew instantly that this blade was going to be very bad.

He handed me the sheathed sword and with out even pulling it out of the scabbard i groaned. it was as lite as a feather and the hilt was made very cheaply with soft wood covered in swede leather and cheap tin studs and end peace.

I'm a small guy and have handled swords for years. when i gripped the hilt to draw the blade i could feel the leather move under my hand and the wood give slightly.

As i drew the blade I noted it felt like it was firmly held in place in the hilt and didn't rattle any. However this was about the only good part about the sword. the blade was made from almost paper thin sheet steal, and flexed alarmingly. It had an edge sow we agreed to give it a series of test cuts to test it out.

Now before I go any farther let me express that this sword is small and qualifies as a short sword. on top of that it is just as dangerous to its wielder as it is to any target you swing at. in short handle with extreme caution.

Ok so we went out back and set up some tatami mats for test cutting along with some milk jugs and soda bottles filled with water. The sword never even touched a one but it did cut my own sword hand! How is that possible you might wonder. Not sure but I chose a slim tatami for the first cut and took care to measure my distance before taking my swing. When I swung the blade folded over on itself and opened a gash on the the back of my hand missing the matting completely. It then sprung back into place wobbling like a spring.

I instantly put the blade down and tended to my hand. my buddy returned the sword to bud K and even sent them a video of the incident. we got no reply back but her was reimbursed his funds. I had to get some stitches in my hand but other than that no damage was done.

This sword is one of the singularly most dangerous items a person can buy. it is cheaply made even by the standards of cheap swords. Save you money and avoid this item like the plague. I have had only one other encounter with this sword and that one broke on contact when it was actually able to strike something. the result was the blade flying off like a overly large bit of shrapnel. Fortunately no one was hurt by it.

by: Joe

Legivordian,are you sure you are talking about the right sword???? How, in , any way, shape or form is the Dark Sentinal a short sword????The blade is almost 3 feet in length .

by: Joe

Legivordian,are you sure you are talking about the right sword???? How, in , any way, shape or form is the Dark Sentinal a short sword????The blade is almost 3 feet in length .

by: Anonymous

Sounds like that guy works for a different sword maker. I have no sword training at all and didn't manage to mess up my test cutting as much as that guy. Maybe he found one with defects but mine works fine...

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