Hanwei vs cheness 9260

by John

QUESTION: What is a more durable cutter the hanwei katanas or the cheness...Tenchi or the Practical Plus Elite Katana?

ANSWER: That's easy, definitely the Tenchi - by a country mile.

The Hanwei Practical Plus Elite is a tad sharper, but it is differentially hardened - which means it will bend on a bad cut. Plus, the edge is so sharp it can be brittle and will chip on a hard target.

The Tenchi on the other hand, you can bend it all day long and it will spring back to true (well, probably not a good idea to bend it all day long, but you know what I mean). It is as tough as nails! No contest... :-)

- Paul

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question after answer NEW
by: Aire

Does this mean that the Tenchi will not brittle ?

Tenchi durability NEW
by: Anonymous

The tenchi is hard but not as hard as the edge of the hanwei. it can still chip, but since its ever so slightly softer and "duller" (and due to the use of the 9260 spring steel) it is much more tolerant and hard to chip.

Summary NEW
by: Anonymous

Sharpness goes to Hanwei, and Durability to Cheness. Both are top quality buys.

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