Hanwei's Practical Ninjato: The Ito-Wrap

QUESTION: Greetings Mr. Southern,

This should be a quite easy question to answer that I bear in my mind.

I saw your excellent review of Hanwei's Practical Ninjato and it struck me with the wonderful idea that I should get one myself. You mentioned in the review of the sword that the Ito-Wrap was looser than what you would have hoped for.

Is the wrap loose enough to cause unravelling or any other sort of problem concerning the Ito-Wrap and the Tsuka?

And one more question if I may. Where did you buy your Ninjato?

I saw that you recommended Kult of Athena witch looks safe, serious and reliable. Im just wondering because of quality reasons regarding the sword as you mentioned to buy it from a trustworthy seller. I hope that I did not interfere in any bad or disturbing aspect.

With best regards,


ANSWER: The ito was indeed a bit loose, but it never did seem to loosen any further. I doubt it would come off much earlier than any other ito, though it does move around just enough to be annoying.

As to where I bought it, I can't really remember - I tend to source my blades either from the manufacturer, Kult of Athena, Arms of Valor or even on ebay. Kult of Athena is definitely the best place to buy it though.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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