hanzo sword bride rampage autographed version

by cedric v. d. wijngaert
(schriek antwerpen belgium)

QUESTION: Are the hanzo swords (bride rampage) even as good as a musashi sword or a hanwai paul chen practical katana are they price quality good and is the sword a good sword.

ANSWER: Hi Cedric,

I'm really not so sure about the Hanzo swords... I've never done anything much more than give them a cursory look back in the height of the Kill Bill craze and was never particularly impressed one way or the other...

I've not tested them and actually don't know of anyone who has. However, if you are a Kill Bill fan - they are certainly a step up from the wallhangers they used to sell, and it would make a great bit of movie memorabilia.

- Paul

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Bride rampage opinion
by: Robert Pero

These swords offered by Hanzoswords.com are very good. Not spectacular....but for light cutting duties....they do the job. I have both the Bride Rampage and Bills sword and am very pleased with both.

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