have you heard of defender

by arthur
(scotland u.k)

I have read your article but have to dissagree I have purchased a hand forged battle ready samurai sword for 50 british pounds it has a tempered and folded carbon steel blade full tang and double pegged handle with genuine rayskin it also came with a sword robe and cleaning kit and is genuinley hand forged.

Like yourself I've bought a few rubbish swords but this is an absoloute beauty please take a look at www.bestcrossbows.co.uk

ANSWER: It actually looks very familiar...

The brand is unknown to me, and the name seems to be isolated to that particular UK seller...

I do have a few doubts about the sales copy. There is simply no way that any Chinese forge can make a sword that is folded and clayed that retails for fifty pounds. And that in itself makes me worry about many other things.

It may well be a good sword. But false ad copy doesn't encourage me... :-(

- Paul

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This is sold on Overstock
by: rpgjr

Based on the reviews on the site I decided to take a flyer and buy this for home defense. i.e. Intimidation.

US $59.

I just bought this
by: Anonymous

Just bought this on overstock.com. It made by "Defender Extreme".
Not a real sword but pretty close. For me, it only deserve hanging on the wall.

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